Dan Stevens starring in Gareth Evans’ Apostle

Dan Stevens

by James White |
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Well, now... isn't this a combo? Just yesterday, word arrived that The Raid* director Gareth Evans had landed backing for his new movie, *Apostle. Today, we learn that Empire Spirit Animal Dan Stevens will be starring in it.

Apostle follows a man heading to a remote island to find his missing sister. She's been kidnapped by a religious cult, which is demanding a ransom for her return.

But the commune has reckoned without the investigative abilities of our hero, who starts to dig deep into the secrets and lies of the group. We wondered yesterday if this would mean less of the frenetic, creative action Evans brought to screens so well with his previous work, but while it might not be on the same level, having the man who kicked ass in The Guest means we can certainly expect something...

Evans should have the cameras rolling next March in the UK. As for Stevens, he'll be bringing a real animal side of his nature out for the new Beauty And The Beast, which is due to hit the UK on 17 March. You can find new images for that one at the link below.

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