Damon Lindelof Visiting 1952

A secret new sci-fi script for Disney

Damon Lindelof Visiting 1952

by James White |
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Here’s a chunk of news that should surprise absolutely no one: Damon Lindelof, one of the master brains behind confuse-a-thon TV drama Lost and a regular collaborator/pal of JJ Abrams, has just sold a new script pitch to Disney. But aside from the fact that it’s called 1952, nothing much has leaked out about it.

Yeah, it’s not surprising that a man used to keeping secrets in camp Abrams and who spent years wrapping mysteries around enigmas is staying schtum – and making sure other people do the same – about his latest project.

Apparently Lindelof held several meetings with big bosses at Disney and worked out a deal for an original, large-scale science fiction project that will not just become a movie, but has been planned as a cross-platform item. At the Mouse House, home of the franchise/marketing factory? Shurely Shome Mishtake!

Lindelof has been landing plenty of gigs since Lost finally headed off to the syndication channels in the sky. He worked on **C****owboys and Aliens **with Robert Kurtzman and Bob Orci, then was brought aboard to polish Ridley Scott’s planned Alien prequel and proceeded to write something that prompted Scott to turn it into something that’s a little more original (Prometheus). Oh, and he’s most recently been busy back with Kurtzman and Orci, trying to bash out a sequel script to 2009’s Star Trek while waiting on a picky Abrams to decide if he wants to direct another outing for Kirk and co. Good luck with that one, mate…

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