Da Vinci Scribe Back For Angels & Demons

Goldsman signs for Dan Brown flick

by Willow Green |
Published on

Despite The Da Vinci Code being a tedious stream of expositional tosh, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has been brought back into the Dan Brown universe. The Oscar-winning writer (he won for A Beautiful Mind, not Batman & Robin) has reportedly signed a $4 million deal to pen the script for Da Vinci Code prequel **Angels & Demons. **

The story is once again centred around long-locked symboligist Robert Langdon, as he uncovers a secret brotherhood called The Ilumminati. Apparently he also embarks on a quest to find the planet's most powerful energy source. These two strands will probably become interlinked via a series of symbols explained in excrutiating detail by a slightly concerned looking, but currently unconfirmed to feature, Tom Hanks.

Sony is currently looking at a 2008 release.

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