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Christopher Walken reveals his top dietary tips

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The BBC's Film 2001 programme tracked down Christopher Walken to the Welsh set of Plots With A View last night, and while they did their level best to get the actor to talk about his role as Frank Featherbed, Walken was happier dispensing dietary tips. In particular, the New Yorker was keen to spread the word about the power of leeks. 'People don't eat enough leeks,' he told a bemused cameraman. 'You have to wash them because there's sand in them. They're very difficult.' Hmmmn, not unlike Walken's interviewee techniques then? Finally, the actor was persuaded to shed some light on the role he's playing. 'It's a different sort of part for me,' he revealed. 'I play a lot of villains, but Frank is quite nice... but he is bizarre!'

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