Cruise Dishes on Minority Report

And Spielberg reshuffles yet again

by Willow Green |
Published on

Steven Spielberg has been as flighty as a teen on Junior Prom night when it comes to announcing his next project, what with Stanley Kubrick's A.I., **Minority Report **with Tom Cruise and Memoirs of a Geisha all vying for his time. Since the director's recent illness though, matters seem to be settling themselves. Cinescape reports that Cruise let it slip on Entertainment Tonight that he won't be doing Minority Report until spring next year, leaving the field open for Spielberg to star on AI (Artificial Intelligence), the film that was to be the late Kubrick's next personal agony.

Meanwhile over at Columbia - who own the Memoirs project - the tale of the Japanese escort has been slotted into their schedule for 2001 - which indicates that Spielberg will be doing AI followed by Memoirs, then Minority Report. He'd better get cracking.

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