Cover Yourself Up Love

Will someone please tell J-Lo to put some clothes on?

by empire |
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Regularly seen shaking her booty on camera, actress-cum-diva Jennifer Lopez is not one adverse to the odd bit of flesh-flashing. However, there comes a point where even her co-stars have to insist that she put them away for the sake of decency. Confronted by the actress's unfettered knockers while filming Angel Eyes, actor Jim Caviezel demanded that J-Lo cease flashing immediately and remove her breasts from his sight forthwith. Caviezel, a devout catholic, told Angel Eyes director Luis Mandoki "Look, put a top on her. I'm gonna keep my shorts on, she's gonna keep hers on. Get the camera and shoot around it." We imagine J-Lo was more than a little surprised by this reaction to her attributes but Caviezel simply wasn't having any of it. "That's out of devotion, love and respect to my wife," he explained to The Sun. "I have a hard time getting naked on film. I don't believe in it. I don't think it's right. In my faith, I'm taught that abstinence is important."

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