Corin Hardy’s Crow Remake Gets A Release Date

Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy

by Owen Williams |
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The story so far has been a decade of revolving-door personnel, rights problems and even a studio shut-down. But it seems that, finally, the remake of The Crow is about to spread its wings. Sony, the film's new home, have allocated it a release date of 11 October, 2019. The Hallow's Corin Hardy remains attached as director – as he has been for three and a half years – with Jason Momoa headlining as goth-rock-zombie-avenger Eric Draven.

Hardy had been ready to go at Pinewood as long ago as 2015, with a cast and an art team in place, before studio Relativity crashed and the whole project was thrown into chaos. Since then he's been busy with the not-inconsiderable consolation of Conjuring spin-off The Nun.

The official line throughout the new Crow's protracted development has been that it won't be a straight re-visit of Alex Proyas' tragic original, but will hew much closer to James O'Barr's original comics. It's perhaps a more controversial reboot than many, due to the reverence in which Proyas' film and its star, the late Brandon Lee, are held by fans. But it's a passion project for Hardy, who comes to it from a position of great love and respect for the material and its dark heritage.

A start date hasn't been announced yet, but if The Crow is due in cinemas in 18 months, you'd have to assume it's all systems go as of right now. Expect a flurry of updates over the coming weeks. Although we have, we realise, said that before...

You can read the whole extraordinary history of The Crow's development so far here. The Nun, meanwhile, is out in the UK on 7 September.

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