Cooper And Helms Have A Hangover

Stars sign on for Todd Phillips comedy

Cooper And Helms Have A Hangover

by Chris Hewitt |
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Bradley Cooper and one of Empire’s favourite unsung comedic actors, Ed Helms, have a hangover. Which is not to imply that they’re both drunks. Oh, no. Our lawyers are very keen that we don’t imply that they’re both drunks. Instead, they’re keen for us to state that, instead, Cooper and Helms have joined the cast of Todd Phillips’ latest comedy, which is called Hangover.

Glad we cleared that up. Hic.

The movie, which was fast-tracked after Jack Black dropped out of Man-Witch, the flick which was to have been Phillips’ next, tells the tawdry tale of three lifelong friends who hold a stag do for their mate in Las Vegas… only for them to, well, lose the groom. Hell of a hangover…

Comedic potential ahoy, we’re sure you’ll agree. Cooper – a former Alias regular who played the asshole boyfriend in Wedding Crashers – will play the best man, and therefore the poor sap who organised the bachelor party, while Helms – former Daily Show correspondent, and truly, truly awesome as Andy on the US version of The Office – will try to rid himself of his own post-Meet Dave hangover by playing a friend of the groom.

The other principal friend and the role of the groom have yet to be cast, but that should happen pretty quickly, with an October start date planned.

It’s all come together pretty quickly for Hangover. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore caused quite a stir by selling the spec screenplay to Warner Bros. for $2 million last year, just before the Writers’ Strike. So we’re expecting big things from it.

As for Man-Witch, Phillips still intends to direct that after he finishes Hangover.

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