Connery Fires Canon

Sir Sean drops heist drama to work on his writing

by empire |
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Brett Ratner's latest project has taken a blow with news that his principle star, Sean Connery, will no longer participate. With a few months to go before filming was scheduled to begin in February, Connery has officially detached himself from both the film and the $17.5 million paycheque that went along with it. Josiah's Canon was to see Sir Sean leading the world's most accomplished bank robbing crew on a very special job to knock over a supposedly impenetrable (Aren't they all?) bank in Switzerland. But this is more than Ocean's 12 in lederhosen, the job is personal to Josiah, a holocaust survivor, for the loot they're after is money deposited by Jews before Hitler's final solution was put into effect. But why did he pull out? You ask. Was it political? Did he object to the way the story was told? No, not at all. Sir Sean has taken his leave to bring a more personal story to the masses. He plans to dedicate the next few months to the task of writing his autobiography. Ratner's search for a replacement has begun in earnest.

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