Common Signs On For Terminator 4

Rapper to play John Connor's sidekick

Common Signs On For Terminator 4

by Chris Hewitt |
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Common – the rapper-turned-actor-but-he’s-still-a-rapper-too – has signed on to co-star in McG’s Terminator Salvation: This Can’t Possibly Be That Bad, Because Christian Bale’s In It, Right? (Or whatever the title actually is).

It’s about time, frankly, that we heard some more casting news on Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (ok, ok, that is the real name), because the movie actually started filming the other day, and all we knew was that Bale had signed on to play John Connor, with Avatar star Sam Worthington inked to play the film’s nominal lead, Marcus.

So it’s good to see that McG is filling out the cast. Common – who had been cast to play the Green Lantern in the Justice League Of America film before its plug got pulled – will play a member of Connor’s inner circle of freedom fighters.

Of course, we’re still waiting to see who’s going to play the Terminator in the movie, which will likely be PG-13. An offer was reportedly made to Josh Brolin, but nothing concrete has yet been heard.

We’re also guessing that McG and his writers, John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris and (a name that gives us some hope that this might not be the suckiest Terminator film since Ernest Saves Skynet) Paul Haggis might crowbar a love interest in there, so we expect an actress to be announced soon as well. (For example, what happened to Kate Brewster, the character played by Claire Danes in Terminator 3? Is she still alive?)

We rate Common as an actor – he was one of the best things about Smokin’ Aces – and so his addition to the cast is a good thing. What do you think, readers? Is your opinion slowly turning round on the most controversial McG-related project since the US remake of Spaced?

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