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Four more sign up for Romero's Land of the Dead

by empire |
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The desiccated, decomposing look is absolutely de rigeur at the moment, with the recently deceased being topics of choice for filmmakers everywhere. Shaun Of The Dead did it, Resident Evil 2's doing it and, most important of all, father of modern horror George Romero's doing it once again. Land Of The Dead, the fourth instalment in Romero's classic Dead series, begins filming in October and four more victims have been chosen to join Dennis Hopper on the call sheet. John Leguizamo and Asia Argento are to be accompanied by Robert Joy and The Ring 2's Simon Baker as members of the last 'living' community on Earth. If you're not already more excited than an attention deficit child on crystal meth then there's something seriously wrong with you. Romero's the man who invented the modern zombie myth and basically the father of everything that shambles cannibalistically through the night. George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead (as its full title reads) sees zombies ruling the Earth, with the last bastion of human life safe inside a walled city. Leguizamo, Argento and Baker play a band of hard-case soldiers who leave their sanctuary to take the battle to the deadites in a huge tank called the Dead Reckoning. Oh yes, this one's going to rock. Big time.

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