Come Away: Exclusive Clip And Poster For David Oyelowo’s New Fantasy

Come Away

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There's always room for a little more fantasy around the festive season, isn't there? David Oyelowo, Anna Chancellor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Reece Yates, Michael Caine and Angelina Jolie certainly think so, gearing up to release their new British fairytale Come Away.

The movie comes from the mind of director Brenda Chapman – the Oscar-winning filmmaker who also directed and co-wrote Pixar'sBrave and writer Marissa Kate Goodhill. Check out an exclusive clip from the film here:

Come Away is set to follow siblings Alice and Peter Littleton (played by newcomers Keira Chansa and Jordan A. Nash respectively) in 19th Century England as they find strength in the power of their imaginations and transform into Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, in order to help their parents (that's Oyelowo and Jolie) process the grief of losing their eldest son, David.

The film promises a whimsical live-action fairytale, which acts as a prequel to two of the most beloved pieces of children's literature – and subsequent stellar Disney films. Plus, Goodhill says she was also inspired by Guillermo Del Toro's 2006 masterpiece__ Pan's Labyrinth in terms of drawing out ideas of darkness and grief within fantasy. Something for all the family to sink their teeth into, then.

Here's the brand new poster of Come Away, exclusive to Empire:

Come Away poster

Mark your calendars for Come Away next month to blow away the cobwebs from lockdown 2.0 as it launches on the big screen in cinemas across the country on 18 December.

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