Clive Owen To Play Philip Marlowe

Set for one of Bogart's iconic roles

Clive Owen To Play Philip Marlowe

by Willow Green |
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Mark Abraham, one of the producers on Children of Men, told The Courier Journal (based in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky) yesterday that he’s planning another film with Men star Clive Owen, with the laconic English star playing that iconic American detective, Philip Marlowe.

Now this is all early stuff, and hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s an interesting step for Owen, who with the worldweariness he displayed in Children of Men would seem ideally suited for the role. While the best-known Marlowe is probably still Humphrey Bogart (who only played the role once, in 1946’s The Big Sleep), actors like Dick Powell, Robert Mitchum (twice, in **Farewell, My Lovely **and The Big Sleep) and Elliot Gould have also played him.

This film will be based on one of Raymond Chandler’s stories, although it’s not clear yet whether it will be based on one of his original Marlowe stories, or one of the many other detective stories where Marlowe’s name was later substituted for that of one of Chandler’s less popular gumshoes (apparently with Chandler’s approval). It's not to be confused with the planned ABC Philip Marlowe crime series also being planned at the moment.

For those of you not familiar with Marlowe, rest assured that he’s cynical but, underneath it all, slightly idealistic sleuth, with a hardboiled honour code, a ruthless streak and a weakness for dames that look like Lauren Bacall. Chandler said, “I think he might seduce a duchess, and I am quite sure he would not spoil a virgin." So that makes it all clear. We’ll bring you more on this when it’s officially announced.

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