Clark Gregg Joins The To Do List

Alongside Rachel Bilson

Clark Gregg Joins The To Do List

by James White |
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While these days he’s generally found trying to round up superheroes in the likes of** Iron Man** and Thor as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson, Clark Gregg is looking to switch things up a little bit, signing on to be part of what can only be described as a sprawling cast for Maggie Carey’s directorial debut The To Do List.

Formerly known by its spicier title of The Hand Job, Carey’s script follows a young woman (Parks and Recreation/Scott Pilgrim’s Aubrey Plaza) on her way to college after graduating high school. But the studious, driven girl realises that she’s seemingly lacking in sexual experience and shocks her friends by deciding to try everything once.

Carey (who also happens to be Mrs Bill Hader) has rounded up a truly solid bunch of talented types for the film, with Hader, Gregg, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg, Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Scott Porter, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes all aboard.

There’s no word on an exact start date yet, but we figure it’ll need to start shooting soon as half of that list have TV commitments that will affect their schedule as soon as next month. But given the names assembled, this is one we’re really looking forward to.

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