Clarice ditches Hannibal

Scott confirms changes to Lecter script

by Willow Green |
Published on

Warning! Spoilers! Fresh from scouting out locations for Hannibal in Italy, Ridley Scott confirmed rumours that he's made some artistic changes to Thomas Harris' work. Speaking to Cinescape magazine, the director confirmed that the film would have a different ending to the book.'The fact that Starling goes off with Lecter is, well - a little hard to - swallow is the wrong word. It’s difficult. It’s hard. We’ve come up with another solution.' On whether Hopkins and Foster would reprise their roles, Scott refused to be drawn, stating only that the two would make their decision based on the script by Stephen Zaillian which is due in next week. Asked whether he felt the pressure to be as successful as Silence of the Lambs Scott said; 'It’s a hard one to follow. There’s more of Hannibal in this story than in Silence. In Silence, I doubt Hannibal was present for more than 20 minutes. That’s how powerful his presence was. In this version, he’s far more present.'

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