Cillian And Michelle Walk On Sunshine

Exclusive: Murphy and Yeoh talk sci-fi

Cillian And Michelle Walk On Sunshine

by Willow Green |
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After tackling junkies and zombies (OK, "infected) and small children with a large bag of money, it was perhaps only a matter of time before Danny Boyle turned his attention to the final frontier. Yes, he's headed to space with Sunshine, and we talked to two of the cast members this week.

First of all, we talked to Cillian Murphy who plays Capa, one of the crew of a spaceship who head off with a massive nuclear bomb to try to restart the failing Sun. The **Batman Begins **and Breakfast On Pluto star told us a little about the feel of the piece.

"Yeah, I'd never done science fiction before, but I'd obviously worked with Danny before and there are very few directors who are as good as he is," he said. "I think he's going to have something very interesting with this film. Something we won't have seen before. I think it will be a very, very special film, because there hasn't been like a classic sci-fi movie like the original Solaris, like 2001, Alien in a while, and I think it harks back to that sort of territory. It's intelligent, like."

Promising stuff. We also caught a word with Michelle Yeoh, who had this to say about her character, Corazon. "It’s an oxygen garden; I’m a botanist, I keep the oxygen going in the spaceship so I had a critical role for everybody. It was fabulous! I was out of the world, literally out of the world, 'cause you were in a spaceship. Danny Boyle, I think, is one of the most incredible directors; innovative, original and wonderful to work with.

"It was hard because there were eight key actors and we were stuck in a place. We didn’t have the luxury of choosing different locations – in sunshine, walking in the park… it was so different from Memoirs of a Geisha, it couldn’t be more different. In Memoirs it would take us three, four hours to get our hair and make-up and get dressed, and in Sunshine it takes ten minutes. The make-up artist ruffles your hair and goes ‘Hey! You’re done!’ and you’re like, ‘What about lipstick and mascara?’ ‘You’re in space girl, you’re supposed to be this amazing astronaut and botanist so you don’t have to put that on!’”

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