Chris Hemsworth Returns As Tyler Rake In Extraction 2 First Look Image

Extraction 2 – crop

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With the nature of everything that’s happened in the last 18 months, it’s difficult to distinguish at this point what was and wasn’t real. But even though it seems like something your lockdown-addled brain might have cooked up, we can confirm that it is true: Chris Hemsworth’s character in Netflix actioner Extraction was, indeed, named Tyler Rake. Tyler Rake! And he even hit someone with a rake in one of its many visceral fight scenes. While that film saw Rake all but cark it on screen, the action hero will be back for sequel Extraction 2 (currently not titled Ex2raction, Extraction 2: Extractier, or Extraction: Extra Action, but there’s still time to change that) and we’ve got our first look at Rake’s return.

Extraction 2

While the first film was set in the sweltering climes of Dhaka, this time Rake is being dragged through the snow – thankfully, by the looks of things, he’s packed his winter warmers. And if he’s somehow alive (as teased in a blurry final shot from the first film) after receiving some pretty major mortal wounds first time around, it looks like poor ol’ Tyler Rake has once again been bashed around, with some particularly bloody head wounds on display here. Ouch.

Little else is known about the sequel – maybe this time he’ll dispatch someone with a tiler, as well as a rake – but we do know that Joe Russo (of the Russo Brothers) is back on scripting duties, Sam Hargrave is also returning as director, and it’s due on Netflix at some point in 2022, most likely towards the latter end of the year. Merry Rake-mas, everyone!

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