Chevy Chase And Dan Aykroyd Head For Zombie Town

Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase

by James White |
Published on

Hollywood – well, Canadian independent cinema this time – is once again looking to Goosebumps writer RL Stine's work as source material. This time, it's 2012 tome Zombie Town, which is adding comedy legends Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd to its cast.

The pair is joining the ensemble, which will be lead young actors Marlon Kazadi and Madi Monroe. The story follows Mike (Kazadi), a projectionist at his local movie theater in Carverville. He's terrified of zombie movies, but his best friend and crush, Amy (Monroe), just loves them. So when the new zombie flick from Amy's favorite director is set to premiere on Halloween at his cinema, Mike decides to show her the film early. The two find out the reel is cursed, transforming everyone in town, except for them, into the undead.

Peter Lepeniotis is in the director's chair, while the cast also includes Canadian comedy stalwarts Scott Thompson and Bruce McCulloch from The Kids In The Hall.

The film is shooting now and should be out next year. It'll mark the first time in 31 years that Chase and Aykroyd will properly be sharing a cinema screen. Given that the last one was Nothing But Trouble, they will both be hoping this one has better luck with critics.

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