Charlie Hunnam Might Be An American Drug Lord

Legendary wants him for a real-life crime story

Charlie Hunnam Might Be An American Drug Lord

by James White |
Published on


You might think that Charlie Hunnam had spent enough time dabbling in illegal actions, violence and drug deals during seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy. But Legendary thinks its** Pacific Rim** star could be the man to bring a real-life story of an unlikely narcotics kingpin to the screen in **American Drug Lord.

American Sniper writer Jason Hall has been hired to adapt Vanessa Grigoriadis and Mary Cuddehe’s 2011 Rolling Stone article that documented the surprising rise to power of Edgar Valdez. A high-school American football player from Texas, he ended up as the only US citizen to become a cartel leader in Mexico. Working his way up the command structure, he nicknamed himself 'La Barbie' after the name handed to him by his school football coach and made $130 million in one year in the illegal business.

As his grip on power intensified, he became ever more violent, filming the brutal executions of competitors and posting them to the web. Soon, rival cartels were working with crooked cops to try to take him down and Valdez’s life came under serious threat. There’s no director attached yet and it’s early days for the project, but Hunnam has plenty to keep him busy anyway. **Pacific Rim **director Guillermo del Toro’s **Crimson Peak **is due out on October 15, and Hunnam is about to film romantic drama The Mountain Between Us. He’s also attached to play King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s take on the Arthurian legend, the first part of an anticipated franchise.

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