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After years of delays and at least one round of re-shoots, sci-f novel adaptation Chaos Walking is finally headed to screens next year. To put that into perspective, co-star Tom Holland was three when he began work on the film. He's showing up here alongside Daisy Ridley on the first poster for the movie, which suggests a trailer might follow, but given this film's history, we're still not sure.

Chaos Walking Poster

Chaos Walking, directed by Doug Liman, is based on Patrick Ness' first book in the series, The Knife Of Never Letting Go. The story finds humankind in a dystopian future, colonising a distant planet after the Earth has been ruined. When an infection called the Noise strikes, all thoughts become audible, and chaos follows.

A corrupt autocrat takes the chance to seize control of the human settlements in order to launch a strike on native alien race the Spackles, blaming them for the infection that's apparently killing human women. Young Todd Hewitt (Holland), the only boy in a town solely composed of men, rebels to stop the oncoming destruction. Going on the run with his dog, he teams up with a mysterious girl, Viola (Ridley), who is the source of a precious patch of silence.

While the film had previously been set for a January 2021 release here, the poster only says "Coming Soon", so it's possible that the ongoing cinema closure situation is causing yet more delays.

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