Chan Vs. Taiwan

Jackie takes on the entire island!

by empire |
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Jackie Chan is at the centre of a controversy in Taiwan. The pint sized, high-kicking actor made some remarks about the recent election of President Chen Shui-bian, calling the election "the biggest joke in the world". He was referring to reports of electoral irregularities that had called the result into question. Now a member of the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called for the actor's next film to be banned as a "punishment". The fact that he would also be punishing the Wilson brothers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Broadbent and Kathy Bates as well did not seem to bother the irate politician. Senior Official Parris Change said, "We want to propose a motion at the legislature to ask the government to ban showings of Around the World in Eighty Days". He also wants Chan to be banned from entering the country, and called for people to boycott Jackie's home state of Hong Kong. Overreacting? Perish the thought. However, there is some good news for Jackie, who is due to visit Cambodia next week to show his support for the United Nations Children's Fund. Other members of the DPP have disavowed the statements made by Mr Chang, obviously recognizing that they can't be progressively democratic while banning people from entering the country because they disagree with the party's views. Either that, or they're die-hard Steve Coogan fans.

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