Cecile De France Joins Hereafter

With Matt Damon in Eastwood's latest

Cecile De France Joins Hereafter

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Confusingly-named Belgian actress Cecile de France has signed up to join Clint Eastwood's supernatural drama Hereafter, the director's next-film-but-one after the upcoming Invictus.

Both films star Matt Damon, which is a pretty darn good start if you ask us - and this one's based on a script by Peter "Frost/Nixon"Morgan to boot. It tells three stories about people who "are touched by death in different ways", with De France's character a French journalist who has a near-death experience.

Shooting's already been underway for a month, with the film due to visit London, Paris, Hawaii and San Francisco*. Hereafter's due to open in December 2010, a full year after Invictus' debut this December. Yes, Clint Eastwood's 79, and he's still making at least one movie per year. Makes you feel like a bit of an underachiever, eh?

*Wait a minute! Clint Eastwood just fancied an awesome holiday, didn't he?

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