More Cast Join The Smurfs

Katy Perry and Alan Cumming among them

More Cast Join The Smurfs

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Barring serious head injury, you probably remember that on Wednesday there was news that Neil Patrick Harris is set to star in the planned Smurfs movie, and now he has some fellow cast members to join him.

Alan Cumming, who's familiar with feeling blue after playing Nightcrawler in X-Men 2, will voice Gutsy Smurf, with US TV star George Lopez (last seen on the big screen in Valentine's Day) will voice Grumpy Smurf. Singer Katy Perry will voice Smurfette, presumably safe in the knowledge that the lack of other female smurfs will allow her a break from kissing a girl jokes. Jonathan Winters, one of the stalwarts of the cartoon series and now 84 years of age, will voice Papa Smurf himself.

The whole thing is being directed by Raja Gosnell, from a screenplay by David N. Weiss, J. David Stem, Jay Sherick and David Ronn. Let the Alan-Cumming-makes-a-blue-movie jokes commence!

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