More Cast Join Mr Fox

Murray and Schwartzman join Clooney

More Cast Join Mr Fox

by Helen O'Hara |
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Wes Anderson's animated version of Fantastic Mr Fox already boasts the gold-coated vocal chords of George Clooney and the mellifluous tones of Cate Blanchett - but when the filmmaker spoke to MTV recently about The Darjeeling Ltd he dropped two more names into the mix.

"“George Clooney is going to be Mr. Fox. Bill Murray has a part. Jason [Schwartzman] is doing a voice. That’s our team,” said Anderson. That makes it his fifth film with Murray, and fourth with Schwartzman (counting their new short Hotel Chevalier).

That said, don't expect to see Fantastic Mr Fox any time soon, as the stop-motion filming process is expected to take another couple of years. The characters in this stop-motion effort have fur, rather than the usual claymation, er, clay, and Anderson says, "We want to use real trees and sand, but all in miniature," which will make things interesting.

So, good cast, good shooting style, intriguing promises of innovation in the stop-motion style - will this be better than Avatar in the 2009 showdown?

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