Carter: Trailer For New Korean Action Movie Promises Intense Action

Carter (2022)

by James White |
Published on

Netflix is known for sometimes just dropping trailers for its movies (and occasionally whole movies) with little fanfare. One that feels like it could do with more ballyhoo is Carter, a new Korean action movie that promises some incredibly intense action scenes. Check out the trailer…

Two months into a deadly pandemic originating from the DMZ that has devastated the US and North Korea, “Carter” (Joo Won) awakens, with no recollections of his past. In his head is a mysterious device, and in his mouth, a lethal bomb. A strange voice in his ears gives him orders. The bomb may go off at any time — unless he rescues the girl who is the sole antidote to the virus. But the CIA and a North Korean coup are hot on his heels…

It looks to be an exciting blend of Lone Wolf & Cub-style action, with a dash of The Raid, a smidgen of The Suicide Squad and just the tiniest hint of Train To Busan. With luck, it'll also be impressive on its own terms.

Carter hits Netflix on 5 August.

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