Carrey Gets It In Neck

by Willow Green |
Published on

According to the Associated Press, Jim Carrey has injured his neck on the set of Man on the Moon . He was filming a scene from Andy Kaufman's life in which he wrestled with a professional wrestler. The same wrestler was appearing in the movie - and he also damaged Kaufman's neck at the time. Carrey and wrestler Jerry Lawler were lensing the film's final scene, which recreated a fight between Kaufman and Lawler. Carrey was supposed to spit at Lawler - but when he did, Lawler became enraged and pulled Carrey's hair and jerked his neck. Eric Gold, Carrey's manager, said, "Jim was immersed in the role as Andy, played it as Andy would have. Mr. Lawler acted unprofessionally, and he attacked him and injured his neck." The parallels between this incident and Kaufman's real life seem a little too coincidental - when Kaufman wrestled with Lawler in real life, he had to be taken from the ring on a stretcher. Later appearing on tv in a neck brace. Injury or publicity stunt?

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