You Can Be Batman, Superman, Flash…

Watch the trailer for DC Universe Online

You Can Be Batman, Superman, Flash...

by Olly Richards |
Published on

This isn't movie news, as such, but if you've already seen The Dark Knight then this might help with your withdrawal symptoms. If you haven't seen The Dark Knight, then leave work immediately and rectify this situation. Tell your boss that we said it was fine for you to go.

A trailer has been released for the online game DC Universe Online. It's a little bit like World of Warcraft, except with Batman and Superman in place of elves and bogwoppits, or whatever you get in WOW (James is the only one in the office who plays it, and he's not here to explain the details). Check out the trailer at Gamespot here.

The game, released on PC and PS3 later this year, lets you control a DC character in a universe full of superheroes. This game could devour many, many lives.

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