Cameron Disses Leonardo

Oscar spat

by Willow Green |
Published on

James Cameron has been having a go at Baby Leo for not turning up at the Oscars. In an interview in this month's Rolling Stone magazine, Cameron says, "I felt that it was kind of a snub, not of the film per se, but of all the other people who did care and had sweated blood for the movie. So he didn't go, and he looked like spoiled punk. The message I got on my machine, like, the day before [was], 'It just ain't me, bro.'" DiCaprio's official excuse at the time - he didn't get an Oscar - was that he didn't want to steal the limelight from Cameron, Kate Winslet, and Gloria Stuart. (Interesting in itself, because it implies he knew who would and wouldn't win - surely not...?) Not that James Cameron is bitter, though. "Apparently, getting $4 million to do a juice ad that airs only in Japan is him; going to the Oscars is not," he said. We can't help wondering who'd win in a fight.

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