Byrne and Wilson Project Astral

Starring in James Wan's new horror

Byrne and Wilson Project Astral

by Owen Williams |
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The title seems to be in flux, since we thought it was called Insidious but it appears to be filming under the title The Astral. But whatever, Saw director James Wan's next horror is building its cast, with Patrick "Night Owl" Wilson, Rose Byrne (Sunshine, Get Him to the Greek) and Barbara Hershey all attached to star.

The film, which sees Wan once again working with his Saw co-writer Leigh Whannell, is about a family whose comatose son becomes a conduit for Very Bad Things, when his consciousness becomes trapped in a purgatorious realm called The Further (also a possible title).

Sounds like this is continuing into the more fantastical territory (compared to the unlikely but un-magical Saw and Death Sentence) being trod by Wan and Whannell since the bonkers killer dummy flick Dead Silence. Great cast too: Patrick Wilson has the knack of doing nonsense with a straight face, and we're always delighted to see Rose Byrne in anything at all.

Shooting is already underway.

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