Buzz Lightyear Battles Zurg In Pixar’s Lightyear Trailer


by Ben Travis |
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Let’s be honest – everyone is still deeply confused about what Pixar’s upcomingLightyearmovie actually is. Is it about a fictional character within the Toy Story world? Is it a factual tale that confirms the existence of aliens (not the small green claw-loving kind) in Andy’s universe? If all that remains unanswered, at least the animated sci-fi adventure looks pretty damn exciting – a rare, all-out laser-blasting romp from the studio, more in the vein of The Incredibles than, say, the heart-squeezing romance of Wall-E. A brand new trailer has arrived, offering more of Chris Evans’ voice performance as the Star Command astronaut, some dazzling star-hopping sequences, and most importantly, the return of a big purple enemy. Check it out:

If the first trailer hinted at it, it seems clear from this second look: Emperor Zurg is back. And this time, it seems, he’s “just a massive robot” – a gigantic, ferocious, red-eyed, purple-shelled android sporting those familiar three hand-mounted blasters. And we’re pretty sure these ones don’t just fire tennis balls. Elsewhere, there are more laughs with Buzz’s robo-cat Sox, some tentacular alien action, and glimpses of other Star Command officers joining the fray – including one confirmed to be voiced by Taika Waititi. In fact, there's a bunch of new cast additions here – including Keke Palmer as a fellow Star Command recruit, and Uzo Aduba, James 'Father Of Josh' Brolin, and Isiah Whitlock Jr (aka The Wire's Clay Davis) in unspecified roles. Lightyear is directed by Angus MacLane (previously co-director on Finding Dory), and written by Pixar boss Pete Docter himself – so hopefully we'll be strapping in for something special.

Also just arrived is a moody new poster – check that out here.

Lightyear poster

Will Zurg somehow still be Buzz’s father? Could that swampy planet look any more like Dagobah? Will Socks go all Ash-from-Alien and try to wipe out Buzz’s entire crew to secure a sample of extraterrestrial life? We’ll find out when Lightyear hits cinemas this June.

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