Bruno Is Next For Baron Cohen

Sacha lines up the offers

Bruno Is Next For Baron Cohen

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

File this story under "confirmation of stuff we kinda already knew", but Sacha Baron Cohen is now apparently settled on his two follow-ups to mega-hit Borat.

First up is going to be Brüno, the film about his gay Austrian fashion reporter character. Thought all those people doing "Naaaiiiiiccceee!" impressions were annoying? Brace yourself for lots of "Vassap" and "Nicht, nicht"s coming atcha.

Baron Cohen hopes to follow that up with Dinner For Schmucks, the remake of French comedy hit Le Diner De Cons. That's about a group of pretentious intellectuals who each invite the biggest loser they know to dinner, in a contest to see who can bring along the biggest idiot. Cohen will take the Jacques Villeret role of a man so disastrous that he ruins the lives of anyone he comes into contact with.

However, that film - to be directed by Jay Roach - has to wait for **Brüno **to finish and for Roach to finish "Recount", the HBO movie about the 2000 election that's due in time for the 2008 US Presidential election. And of course with the actors' strike looming next summer, they'll both have to work fast to get it happening before then.

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