Bruce Lee Dope Claims

Did martial arts star die from cannabis?

by Willow Green |
Published on

A new biography claims that martial arts legend Bruce Lee died after eating cannabis, and not an adverse reaction to medication, as was previously held. The book, by Davis Miller, explains that the ****Enter The Dragon star been introduced to the drug by late actor Steve McQueen, but because of his low body fat ratio he was venerable to side effects.

The source of the information is Dr Donald Rutherford, who treated Lee on the day of his death in July 1973. Rutherford told Miller that though it was evident that Lee had taken cannabis, this fact was played down to protect Lee's reputation. Another doctor, brain surgeon Peter Wu, apparently saved Lee's life two months before he died, again after the star had eaten cannabis. He told a British newspaper, "I think Bruce was fully convinced that he was invincible, that he was immortal. That is what brought him down."

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