Brian Cox Playing With Pixels

He's on for Adam Sandler's new film

Brian Cox Playing With Pixels

by James White |
Published on


Though you might think that science’sProfessor Brian Cox would be the person to call to outwit an alien invasion, Adam Sandler’s new adventure film Pixels** has instead gone for the acting community’s Brian Cox to add a little gravitas instead{ =nofollow}.

Pixels, adapted from Patrick Jean’s short (see below), finds extra-terrestrials misreading video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war. They decide to attack us using versions of ships and other icons from games such as Space Invaders and mankind has to fight back. To help out, the US President (Kevin James) recruits his childhood friend and former video game champ (Sandler) to lead a group of old-school arcade players. Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad and Michelle Monaghan are all aboard, and Cox is now set to join them as Admiral Porter.

Chris Columbus is behind the camera for this one, working from Tim Herlihy and Tim Dowling’s script, with the cameras set to roll soon in Toronto. Cox is at work on TV miniseries The Game and will next be seen in The Jesuit, Forsaken and The Anomaly.

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