More Breaking Dawn Pics Arrive Online

Jacob runs in the rain

More Breaking Dawn Pics Arrive Online

by James White |
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Though the first official picture of the **The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn **cast featuring a loved-up Edward and Bellaprobably had the R.Pattz fans screaming until the surrounding buildings began to shake under the vocal assault, there wasn’t much for Team Jacob or anyone on Team The Rest Of The Vampire Clans, Too Many To Name But We Like Them Anyway. Now balance has been brought to the Twi-Hard force as images of Taylor Lautner and more have arrived.

You can take a gander at Lautner doing what he’ll apparently be doing a lot of between this movie and Abduction (running) below. And though he’s somehow managed to keep his shirt on this time, he’s sprinting in the rain, which we’re sure will give some people ideas.

Entertainment Weekly has premiered all the images, which include Bella and Edward staring at each other romantically as she tucks into a plateful of eggs prepared by her new vampire husband (and yes, we immediately thought of the “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” “Unfertilized!” gag, though of course, that doesn’t apply given the baby-heavy plot of the films.)

There’s also a shot of Elizabeth Reaser’s Esme pointing at something as the beautiful blondes of the Denali clan look on. Maybe she’s showing them where the groom’s party sit at the wedding?

Click on the pic of Jacob dashing through the downpour to see the rest of the photos.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is out on November 18. The second chunk will arrive around in late 2012.

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