Bradley Cooper’s In A Fields Of His Own

Star joins supernatural thriller

Bradley Cooper's In A Fields Of His Own

by Chris Hewitt |
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Bradley Cooper – he’s so hot right now, Bradley Cooper – has signed on to star in the supernatural thriller, Dark Fields.

Cooper will play a struggling New York writer who stumbles upon a pill that allows him to utilise every inch of his brainpower, just like John Travolta in Phenomenon. Unlike JT, through, Cooper uses his newfound smarts to become rich and famous. But there’s a terrible price to pay, when Cooper discovers that dark forces are chasing him, with a view to evildoing.

So the message is simple: hey, kids, don’t do drugs. And, following on from the similar message of The Hangover – in which none of the evening’s shenanigans would have happened had not Cooper and his pals taken some roofies – it’s clear that Cooper is secretly some kind of anti-drug czar, trying to win the hearts and minds of the youth of today.

It’s also, though, the first real test of his burgeoning post-Hangover star power. The movies he’s taken since then – **Valentine’s Day **and **The A-Team **– are ensemble pieces, but he’ll be front and centre on this one. Could be interesting…

Neil Burger, director of The Illusionist, will be calling the shots on Dark Fields. Leslie Dixon adapted the screenplay from Alan Glyn’s novel. Filming will begin in the spring of next year.

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