Brad Gets Gritty

Anti-Pretty Boy campaign continues

by Willow Green |
Published on

Brad Pitt continues his battle against superficial beauty with his latest role as an Irish roughneck in Lock, Stock director Guy Ritchie's flick, Snatch. The Express newspaper reports that after having his tooth caps removed and beefing up for his part in Fight Club, Brad is going one better in his new movie, sporting filthy clothes, an 'accident-with-a-lawnmower' haircut, badly-done fake tattoos and a fake bridge on his nose to make him ugly.

The actor is currently shooting on location in London, where co-star Vinnie Jones describes him as "as straightforward as they come", and revealed that the pair spend their free time playing cards in Jones' trailer. He added, "[Brad] loves being around all the British Boys and never takes himself too seriously."

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