Bourne Again

Director signs up for two more Jason Bourne outings

by empire |
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Riding high on a wave of positive reviews, The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman has signed up to take two more books by Robert Ludlum to the big screen. Liman's decision also suggests that Matt Damon will sign on to reprise the lead role of Jason Bourne. 'You couldn't find a nicer person, with so much talent and as hard-working,' is Liman's take on Damon. In an interview with Variety, the director explains how he persuaded the veteran blockbuster writer to give him the rights to the Bourne Identity. Having only just learned how to fly, Liman made his first solo flight from New York to the writer's home in Glacier National park in Montana - a feat that had the required effect and earned Liman the nickname of Hollywood from Ludlum. The Bourne Identity opened in the US this week (UK film fans won't see it until the beginning of September), to resoundingly good reviews - earning it a positive 88% fresh rating on reviews site

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