Borat 2 Coming? Very nice!

Update: No he's not

Borat 2 Coming? Very nice!

by Willow Green |
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The Financial Times isn't a source we usually expect to deliver movie scoops. We generally use it when we want to read some numbers we don't understand or just enjoy the giddy thrill of reading a different coloured paper. But today the FT is reporting that Borat is set to return for a sequel.

20th Century Fox head and Ruler of the Planet Rupert Murdoch told the paper that after Sacha Baron Cohen is done bringing vacuous camp fashionista Bruno to the screen he'll be pulling on his lime green thong thing for a Borat sequel. What's unusual is that Cohen will make Bruno for Universal, which Fox allowed themselves to be outbid on as "Mr Baron Cohen would not even show us the script".

The idea of a Borat sequel will come as a surprise to many, since there surely can't be more than three people and a blind dog left in the world who haven't heard of him and can therefore be duped into being part of his film. So those three people and that dog had better watch out.

Update: A spokesman from Murdoch's company NewsCorp says that there is no deal on the table and that Murdoch "was under the mistaken impression that we had signed a deal". A mistake, or maybe something more? This one might go all the way back to the president! We will not rest until we get to the bottom of this. (Sorry, we had too much caffeine this morning).

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