Bojack Horseman: New Trailer Announces A Gallop To The End

Bojack Horseman

by James White |
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It feels like an age ago since we first got a whiff of the basic concept for Bojack Horseman and found ourselves wondering if the story of a half-horse/half-man former TV star leading his boozy, depressed life was an actual show from Netflix or something that the streaming service had picked up while under the influence. But with the sixth season on the horizon, it's long since become a favourite, and we're saddened to hear this will be the final run. See the trailer...

Yes, after years of exploring Hollywoo, the fictionalised LA where anthropomorphic creatures and incredible printing puns rub shoulders with humans, Netflix has decided to bring down the final curtain on Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett) and the rest.

Season 6 finds Bojack in rehab, trying to figure out his life (again), while everyone around him, including Amy Sedaris' Princess Carolyn, Aaron Paul's Todd Alison Brie's Diane and Paul F. Tompkins' Mr. Peanutbutter deal with change of their own.

Bojack Horseman Season 6 poster

Netflix is looking to spread the final season out, so Part 1 will drop on 25 October, followed by Part 2 on 31 January next year. Bojack ending? Neigh it ain't so!

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