Blair Witch 2 Hiccups

Sequel start date delayed, locals revolt

by Willow Green |
Published on

Hollywood** Online** reports that the much anticipated **Blair Witch 2 **- the sequel to last year's ultimate home movie - has suffered a setback due to casting problems. According to the HO, the sequel was due to begin principal photography on Wednesday, but the kick off date has been postponed for three weeks 'contingent on casting' - a phrase which indicates that the final cast is still not yet in place.

The follow-up is thought to be a 'prequel' to the events explores in 'Project', focussing on the grisly career of fictional child-killer Rustin Parr. And the director? One Joe Berlinger, who's credits include the 1996 flick Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills... In other BW2 news, the Internet Movie Database reports that citizens of Burkitsville - where 'Project' was shot - have been succesful in their campaign to prevent further Witch stories being filmed in their town. Speaking to USA Today an angry councilman said, "We've already been raped. Now they want us to be prostitutes." Since The Blair Witch Project was released, Burkittsville has been swamped with ghoulish pilgrims raiding the hamlet for souvenirs. The producers of BW2 have already sais they'll look elsewhere for locations, but Michael Styer, director of the Maryland Film Office, is bewildered. He told the paper, "This is the only time a community in Maryland has been negative to the idea of having a film made in their town. " This remember, is a state where cult director John Waters had Divine eat dog shit on a Baltimore street.

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