Bird Box Barcelona Trailer Unveils Netflix’s Surprise Spin-Off Movie

Bird Box Barcelona

by Ben Travis |
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Remember a few years back, when the world was briefly obsessed with Bird Box? Netflix’s post-apocalyptic (and notably post-A Quiet Place) survival thriller pitched Sandra Bullock into a world invaded by nefarious entities that forced anyone who looked upon them to kill themselves – leading to a desperate blindfolded journey through woods and across raging rivers, with kids in tow, in search of safety. The film, directed by Susanne Bier and adapted from Josh Malerman’s novel, received solid reviews and was a huge hit on the streaming service. It even spawned a viral ‘Bird Box challenge’. Well, now the world of Bird Box is back, and it’s heading to Barcelona.

It’s not quite a Cloverfield Paradox surprise release, but the announcement of the simply-titled Bird Box Barcelona does come pretty much out of the blue – it’s out in two months’ time, 14 July to be exact, and hasn’t been a part of Netflix’s recent slate announcements. Check out the first teaser here:

There you have it, then – it’s Bird Box, in Barcelona. By the sounds of it, this one will be a prequel-of-sorts, exploring the initial ‘outbreak’ in Spain, with new characters, new locations, and the same existential terror. Whether or not it’ll actually include a bird box (Bullock’s character put feathered friends in a box on their treacherous no-peeking-allowed journey, since birds go wild when the creatures are near) remains to be seen. But any other details are currently scarce – with no word yet on who the lead is, what the story will be this time, and whether more global spin-offs are due. It sounds like this one is written and directed by Alex and David Pastor, behind Netflix’s The Occupant – but stay tuned for more information once the streaming service lifts our blindfolds and lets us see what’s been cooked up.

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