Bill Murray To Appear In Get Smart

The Rock spills on spy movie cameo

Bill Murray To Appear In Get Smart

by Olly Richards |
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If The Rock, Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell chose to make a personal loan advert, we would be first in line to see it. Unless it also featured that guy from the Picture commercial (the one who keeps playing with the football) – we can't stand him. So we're already rather anticipating Get Smart, the upcoming movie version of the '60s TV spy comedy. Now that we hear it will also feature Bill Murray, we're suffering a little soilage in the underpantal area.

In Get Smart, Carell plays Maxwell Smart, a useless spy who works for the CONTROL agency. He's assisted by the comely Agent 99 (Hathaway*) and the hulking Agent 23 (The Rock). Sci-Fi Wire spoke to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson recently and he talked about his character and Murray's appearance.

"[Mine is] a brand new character that we created for the story," said Johnson. "Agent 23 is Control's greatest agent and I am Steve Carell's best friend in the movie. Physically, aesthetically, we're funny. And then, of course, as the movie goes on and our relationship continues to grow and many twists happen in the movie, it's great".

He also said there will be a few big name appearances. "We've got a whole bunch of cameos. Bill Murray has a cameo". Now, that's four lots of brilliant in one film and that's really a lot of brilliant to cope with. We may need to wear special protective equipment so we don't die of smiling too much.

*Not '80s pop sensation Haddaway, as we inexplicably just typed. Though that would have been amazing.

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