Bennett Miller Knows The Immortalist

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Bennett Miller Knows The Immortalist

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Having tackled the true-life tale of author Truman Capote, nabbing a bundle of Oscar nominations and a win in the process, director Bennett Miller is heading into the realm of immortality for his next film, called, conveniently, The Immortalist.

Paramount’s Vantage indie film unit is working with Brad Pitt’s company Plan B to develop the film, being scripted by Dante Harper. Plot details are sketchy, but the director describes it as “a character-driven drama set in the emerging world of life extension."

Intriguing… But there’s more. “It’s not a science fiction film,” Miller told The Hollywood Reporter, “but a drama set in the very real world of those pursuing biological immortality. It's a pursuit that attracts some extremely brilliant, wealthy and influential people. It also attracts tragic figures. This story follows one such person on his disturbing foray into it."

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