Barry Sonnenfeld Reading Pig Scrolls?

A possible new DreamWorks ‘toon

Barry Sonnenfeld Reading Pig Scrolls?

by James White |
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With Greek mythology everywhere at the moment (Clash Of The Titans, Immortals, bubbling remakes of Jason And The Argonauts and a new version of Hercules), it was only a matter of time before it crept into the ‘toon market. DreamWorks is now developing Pig Scrolls, set in a similar world, with Barry Sonnenfeld overseeing the new pic.

Pajiba reportsthat despite a relatively full set of prospective projects (Men In Black 3, for example), Sonnenfeld is deep into work on the adaptation of Paul Shipton’s novel, which follows the adventures of a talking pig named Gryllus.

Yes, we know it sounds like an April Fool’s story leftover (a pig? Called “grill us?”) but it’s real. He’s a former member of Odesseus’ crew who was cursed to become a porker by the goddess Circe. The ancient Greek tale finds him journeying through the mythology, with the fate of the world on his porcine shoulders.

Racing Stripes co-writer Kirk De Micco has bashed out the most recent draft of the script, but it sounds like it’s a few years off yet.

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