Bad Samaritan Trailer: Don’t Mess With David Tennant

David Tennant and Robert Sheehan in Bad Samaritan

by James White |
Published on

Once, we were more used to seeing David Tennant as a good guy, a hero. But with recent work such as Jessica Jones and now Bad Samaritan, we're seeing the other side of him, the one who used to follow Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. Check out the trailer for Dean Devlin's Bad Samaritan.

Robert Sheehan co-stars as Sean, one of two young car valets who have hit upon a clever criminal scheme: while the guests at the venue they cover are otherwise occupied, they rob their homes.

All seems to be going well until the thieves decide to hit the wrong house – belonging to Tennant's Cale Erendreich, who is none too happy at the thought of his belongings being pinched. And when they discover that he's harboring an even darker secret at his swanky pad... that's when the real trouble starts.

Carlito Olivero, Kerry Condon and Jacqueline Byers are also in the cast for the thriller, which will be in US cinemas on 30 March, but has yet to lock in a UK release.

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