Austin Powers IV Coming?

An Evil father-and-son story...

Austin Powers IV Coming?

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

File this one under "possible" for the moment, but Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Mike Myers is hard at work on a script for Austin Powers IV, presumably in a therapist-mandated attempt to get over the disappointment of The Love Guru.

The story will apparently focus on the father-son relationship between Dr and Scott Evil, in a homage to Myers' father, who he has always credited with forming his sense of humour. Myers said last year that the film would be "entirely from the point of view of Dr Evil", and today's news just clarifies that it's set to involve Seth Green's Scott Evil as well.

Myers is writing with Michael McCullers, who worked on the second and third Powers films as well. There's apparently no deal in place yet, but New Line are said to be eager to make the film. Which means that either they haven't seen The Love Guru, or they're really big fans of Dr Evil.

But the big questions remain: will they bring back bloody Fat Bastard or stick to the characters that are, y'know, funny? Can they resist the temptation to make it like Goldmember, and instead focus on the early, funny ones?

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