Atwell Wins Captain America’s Heart

Hayley's been cast in The First Avenger

Atwell Wins Captain America's Heart

by James White |
Published on

Much like the casting process for its star, the search for the female lead of The First Avenger: Captain America has been a flurry of possible names (with Alice Eve high on the list), but now a finalist has been announced: Hayley Atwell.

Atwell nabbed the role of Peggy Carter after an extensive series of auditions and screen tests, which has seen a number of high-profile actresses considered, including Eve, Emily Blunt and even (though she was more likely rumour than serious candidate) Keira Knightley.

The actress has been seen in the likes of Brideshead Revisited, The Duchess and Cassandra’s Dream, and was also a lead in the little-watched US remake of The Prisoner.

Carter, meanwhile, is an integral part of Steve Rogers’ world, being not only his main squeeze, but also a hero in her own right as an agent assisting the French resistance.

She’ll be reporting to the London set in June, where she’ll have to convince everyone she finds Chris Evans remote attractive. Tough job! (Just kidding, Chris...)

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