Arnie Ponders Politics

Schwarzenegger may stand for governor

by empire |
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is thinking of getting in to Hollywood's latest trend - politics. While former lothario Warren Beatty is gathering support for a presidential nomination and Cybil Shepherd also considers making a bid for the White House, Schwarzenegger has more more modest ambitions.

In an interview with US magazine Talk, action man Arnie said he was considering standing for governor of California in 2002, because he feels that "there are a lot of people standing still and not doing enough". A Republican who actively supported George Bush during his presidential run, Arnie wants a more inclusive party, with more lefty policies, even though Republicans are traditionally right-wing. The actor, who'll soon be on our screens as a crusader against the devil in ** End of Days**, said that Republicans should "love the foreigner that comes in with no money as much as the gay person, as a lesbian, someone from the inner city." Right on, Arnie.

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