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Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnie Aftermath

by John Nugent |
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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent career has been quite different from the sorts of roles we were used to, pre-Governator, drawn to tougher, meatier dramatic roles like Maggie and Sabotage. That trend continues with Aftermath, a gritty revenge thriller in which Arnie plays a grieving father looking track down the air traffic controller he holds responsible for a plane crash that killed his wife and children. We’ve got our hands on an exclusive clip – have a look below.

Grizzled with a face full of silvery face fuzz, Arnie is quite a different beast to how we’re used to seeing him in this film. It’s all based on a fairly extraordinary real-life tale, in which a Russian man tracked down and murdered an air traffic controller, apparently in revenge for the deaths of his family. Elliott Lester (Blitz) is behind the camera on this one, which also stars Scoot McNairy as the target in Arnie’s crosshairs, and Maggie Grace as his wife.

Essentially the anti-Sully, Aftermath is released in the UK from 7 April. Here’s the UK poster.

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