Arnie disses Will

Call that a Western?

by Willow Green |
Published on

We know he's a movie god and all that, but even so it was somewhat surprising to hear Arnie appearing to diss the equally great Will Smith at a recent press conference in London. Asked whether there was any genre of movie left that he’d really like to do, Arnie replied. ‘I think it would be terrific to do a great western, but when I say a great western I mean a great western – not the things that they’ve done just recently – that’s totally bogus as far as I’m concerned, better to do it in the old style like John Wayne, the Sam Pekinpah movies and all that.’ Could this have been a veiled reference to Will Smith's critically-slammed blockbuster Wild Wild West? Maybe Will should ask the big man to step outside so that they can settle this the western way - turn and draw!

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